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Raising Boys

A mother's story of raising three boys. From the early physical to the more emotional challenges, read about the things Mary has learnt along the way.

Responsibility, consequence and accountability have been the biggest features in parenting the boys. 

Challenging 'Boys don't cry'

Society does not allow for boys showing their sensitivity in this way, even as a young toddler, so what kind of impact does this have on a growing boy as he starts to relate with the world and sees the unspoken ‘rules’ imposed from such a young age?

Do we expect or have an expectation boys are to be tougher with little attention paid to their sensitivity?

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Boys, fitting in, and pack energy

When boys get into groups, they conform to a dominant group agreement that rules by force, no words are needed for everyone to know what is expected and what is not.

Read this incredible article on how to understand what is going on from an early age so you can equip your children to recognise it for themselves.

Whoever said "men are tough and do not cry?" What rubbish!

Helpful advice or criticism?

Have you ever been in a situation where you clearly see the error of someone in the family’s ways, you share that with them to be helpful and they hear it as criticism? If so read on...

The trouble is, we are often not aware of criticism

when it comes out of our mouths or is communicated through our movements. 

The Basics of Communication

The foundation of every relationship is communication yet there can be many misunderstandings from what was received not being what was intended. 

If we can make appreciation of ourselves our ‘normal’, it will change the communication we have with others on a fundamental level.

Looking for what's wrong

Sometimes we fall into a pattern of looking for what’s wrong instead of appreciating this amazing person who came into our lives. Ready for a change? then read on...

It is not about holding back what needs to be communicated, but about understanding what might have come in to interfere.