We are all kinds of Awesome

I was given a birthday card last year with the words, ‘You are all kinds of awesome’ on it. I put the card in a letter rack in my office and it’s been looking at me ever since. In all honesty, most of the time I didn’t feel that I lived up to the card. I have been highly critical of myself since as long as I can remember, so I always thought I’d have to ‘do’ something spectacular to meet the criteria.

Recently I have been wondering how much energy we give to all our ‘doing’, as it seems we are constantly chasing our tails to ‘do’ the spectacular and get the approval and recognition for it. We can see this playing out in our families, where both parents and children want recognition for the things that we all do. ‘Doing’ seems super important, even if we are to allow ourselves to be simply just ‘okay’, ‘doing’ still comes into the grinding treadmill. Just talking about all the ‘doing’ feels exhausting, let alone being caught up in that treadmill with our constant trying to ‘do’. We try so hard, we don’t even realise when we are running on empty!

To consider that without any doing at all we can be awesome is a bit of a stop moment. How does that work? How is it possible? Surely everything is about what we do and the outcomes?

What if….

What if all our ‘doing’ is simply a distraction against us feeling the shocking truth? What is the shocking truth you may ask? The truth is, we are all born with an incredible awesomeness. As parents, we know this is true. If we hold a baby, we can feel the truth, they are so awesome without having to ‘do’ anything, literally nothing. They simply lay there and shine out a beauty we all can feel. Well, we are the same as that baby.

Just like our baby, awesomeness was born with us, it’s in our cells and particles, we can’t get away from it because it’s in our very physical being. That is the shocking truth. It’s shocking because we then spend a lifetime building our case as to why this is not true; we grab self-doubt, angst and self-criticism (to name but a few), all to shy away from this gorgeousness we were born with. It sounds like quite nutty behaviour when it’s put like that.

I have been exploring what it feels like to appreciate this gorgeousness that I and the rest of humanity are born with and it’s not so bad, it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s good for your health and it makes us feel pretty awesome about life.

I have noticed that there is a different responsibility about feeling awesome. I started out thinking it was all about me, but actually, it’s more than that, it’s for everyone. I have noticed that if I walk with this awesomeness and connection with me inside, that people around me are infected with it, they too get to feel the gorgeousness within them. It is incredible to consider, that we could be role-modeling this for our children and families, infecting people with the beauty inside us - now there’s a virus worth catching!


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