The power of Love and the heart

Gabe Caplice and Annette Baker talk with Lucy about living life with more love and how it can affect our physical and mental health. The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts over 11 million deaths from coronary heart disease in 2020. Why do we indulge in lifestyle choices that mean we are pre-disposed to major physical disease? Could it be there are underlying hurts we are not addressing that lead us to protect ourselves? Join us for a fresh look at the power of Love, the heart, choices and consequences.


Have you ever found the 'rule book' doesn't fit your child or family. So did we. So we decided to make a website that offered practical skills to build a way of living that could be responsive to whatever might present itself in family life.

That way rather than needing a 'rule book' there is a sense of being equipped to deal with whatever situation is in front of you.



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