Ripple effect or tidal wave?

Imagine that everything you do sends out a ripple. What would each ripple feel like? Is one a ripple and one a tidal wave? Does one have no undercurrent and the other has danger below the surface just waiting to pull you under? If so, your choices are to either wear a tonne of life saving devices or simply don’t go in the water, even though you are already swimming in the water all of the time!

Let’s be honest – we can do NOTHING about how another person behaves and what their ripple effect is. The only person we can do anything about is ourselves. So how about we take a moment to pause and consider what kind of ripple we are sending out in our lives right at this moment… no judgement, just observation and absolute honesty… would a dingy even notice the wave, would it be big enough to give motion sickness, or so big it would totally capsize the dingy?

Let’s try a little science experiment with your own body…

  1. Consider your movements as if they were in water and sending out those ripples.

  2. For 24 hours make a note of how you open and close the door, walk through each door, turn the kettle on, choose your clothes, get dressed, type with your keypad, pick things up and put them down.

  3. Make a note if you feel more clumsy or awkward.

  4. Start to observe your thoughts

  5. Make a note if your thoughts start to change

  6. How are you speaking to yourself?

  7. Does the way you think and the way you talk to yourself change as you become more aware of the way you move?

Let all of this come from your movements, don’t just try to make it a mental process because it won’t work. This awareness and choice to feel how you are moving is felt, first and foremost, by your body and, just as you don’t turn a corner without slowing down, allow the same grace when it comes to your behaviour. Allow it to unfold.

As you become more at ease with deepening love with yourself, you may notice that how you speak and behave around others also changes. Everyone wins when you start with you. It is true though, at first you have to think about it, you have to choose to be present and put in the hard yards, exercise that muscle and get with a new way of moving that considers the ripple effect of your actions and your words. But soon it becomes your natural way and not being that feels uncomfortable and unsettling; True Love.

If we live that Love for ourselves, what we offer our children and families by reflection, will have a ripple effect into the world that will set a standard for, perhaps, a more loving ‘normal’. No tidal waves here, just a gentle ebb and flow as we sail the sea getting to know the affect we have on each other.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay


Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay

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