Playfulness in Parenting

Ahoy, me hearties! Talk like a pirate day is upon us - time for some playful parenting...

You may have noticed that parenting can sometimes be an intense business, that we can easily become overwhelmed with the pressure of showing that we have all the answers, whilst looking the ‘part’ and masterfully kidding everyone that we’re in control. Not to mention being the caring, ever listening, nurturing parent we are and then nimbly switching into discipline mode when it’s urgently called for.  

This often comes out in the form of ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’ and ‘you have to do as I say’, for example the ‘my way or the highway’ approach.

Perhaps this is a good moment to put on our pirate hat and pull ourselves back from all of this to reconnect with the playfulness of parenting, as it’s through the magic of being playful as a parent that true wisdom is shared;  whether that wisdom comes from us or our children.

When we’re playful, right and wrong don’t exist, all that matters is that there is a connection and that we’re having fun, which is why it can be awesome to seize the opportunity of funny moments like Talk like a Pirate day to break the tension between us and our children and help us really value what matters.

In play, we return to who we truly are, our natural innate essence. There is an equalness between us that allows for a freedom in our expression, where we can be impulsive and share joyfully without needing or expecting anything back in return other than enjoying the fun.

By being playful we’re deepening our connection with our children and inviting them to join us in our pirate ship and be swashbucklers together.

Image by Leeanne Burnworth from Pixabay

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