Parenting in Lockdown

We may be out of lockdown but there are many lessons learnt from that intense time that we may not want to leave behind.

We have all these pictures about how to be the perfect parent and they can all come to a rather messy, puss-filled head when constrained by lockdown and restrictions in our physical space. Yet how we approach it can have a massive impact on outcomes. What if it is a wonderful opportunity to listen to each other and to honour what each person in the home is feeling? Join me by to three amazing guests Rachel Mascord, Carmin Hall, Vanessa McHardy share their powerful lived experiences.


Have you ever found the 'rule book' doesn't fit your child or family. So did we. So we decided to make a website that offered practical skills to build a way of living that could be responsive to whatever might present itself in family life.

That way rather than needing a 'rule book' there is a sense of being equipped to deal with whatever situation is in front of you.



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