Do we remember Love?

Being on the receiving end of love feels gorgeous, the nervous system feels at ease, there is more space and it feels like time goes on holiday. The body and thoughts all feel lighter, warmer and more at ease. Movements are more gentle, considered and caring. There is less noise coming from you as there is no crashing and banging and you can be more sensitive to loud noises. The world seems brighter and lighter. You observe life, feeling that there is nothing that can move you from that space because it feels so good.

You can really feel this and see it in action when a baby is born, and the fragility of this new life is felt by everyone in the room and anyone who comes into contact with the bundle of love. People take more care in how they move, the noises they make, how they pick up and put the baby down, how they prepare the space for the baby to be in. An argument or tension stands out like a sore thumb. Quality is everything. The feeling is unimposing, not needy, not demanding, it ‘just is’ and is on offer for others to embrace or not. No attachment either way. It is a feeling that just wants to expand, to embrace all, leaving no one out, knowing that every single body comes from the same source, is imbued by the same pulse of the heart and knows the essence of Love in every cell of its body.

When there is a lack of love, there is a tension, you feel unhappy, the colours appear more dull, the movements more harsh, noises are louder, there is clashing and banging of doors and cupboards, there is less attention paid to how something is done – just get it done. Put up and shut up attitudes abound. There is an emptiness and a searching, a neediness and a demanding. Arguments don’t stand out in this space. There are pictures of how things should be and how people should behave towards us and the path around us and ahead is dangerous from all the smashed pictures, and their collateral damage, as we try to justify or control a situation or a person. Our body feels more tense, our nervous system is heightened, on hyper alert for the next need for protection. We may feel the need to protect others from hurts we have experienced and feel fearful for our own children or others, not wanting them to go through what we have been through. There is no trust or a deep lack of it and truth – well there is no faith in truth.

So, which do you want in your life? Which would you like to be around?

To know that, let’s take a moment to remember what love is:

  • Love is very connected with truth because when you have truth it is also a feeling of ease between two people, there is no hidden agenda, there is no “what are you not saying?” conversation going on in either of your heads as you listen to each other. Because it is truth, and because there is that ease, it is harmony, it is playful and joy-full.

  • Love is who you are – way before you do or say anything. If you struggle to feel it as the adult who comes with history and memories that might tell you otherwise, then remember the feeling a newborn baby or a puppy or kitten invokes. Babies can often be a reflection of our own innate innocence, simplicity, harmony and joy.

  • Love is what you are made of – when you look at a baby, be that a human or an animal, you can feel they are magical in some way, they are simple in their needs and wants, they rest very deeply and are at ease in a way that should educate the world. That feeling is who we are too, bigger body but same essence.

Love is very simple, it holds space, it is truth, it is harmony, it is joy, it is you in your very basic form.

We may struggle with knowing what Love is, but we can certainly feel what love is not.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


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