Body image, self-esteem and self-worth

Danni Rowlands and Nina Stabey were my guests for this episode of Stay in the Loop with Lucy.

This is an episode from 2014 with Danni Rowlands Education Manager from The Butterfly Foundation, a woman who has lived a great many experiences with all the subject matters from this weeks' episode and therefore shared with us from her lived experience how she is keen to address the cause of body image, disordered eating and eating disorders.

Nina Stabey, a naturopath and owner of The Healing Ingredient gave some great practical insights and offered a couple of recipes which I have listed below….Yummy or what!


Have you ever found the 'rule book' doesn't fit your child or family. So did we. So we decided to make a website that offered practical skills to build a way of living that could be responsive to whatever might present itself in family life.

That way rather than needing a 'rule book' there is a sense of being equipped to deal with whatever situation is in front of you.



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