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Raising Girls

A father's story of raising girls, the challenge of puberty, addressing a gaming addiction and a father showing his vulnerable side... it is all in this article from Parent's Speak.

I didn't want them to be in a bubble of 'everything's fine', but to have their eyes wide open

Parenting doesn't start with the child

Do we parent via the imprint of our own upbringing? If so, then how we were parented has a much greater impact on how we behave once a baby is born. This blog is a 'moment of pause' - enjoy! 

No matter what my own childhood was like, I can start lovingly parenting myself right now.

Parenting doesn't start with the child.j

Discussing periods

When it comes to discussing periods, there is no better advice to take than from someone who has dedicated themselves to re-educating women about their relationship with their body's cycles. Check out this interview with Sara Harris from Follow Your Flow

Children are generally quite inquisitive about their bodies, so it’s important that we really listen and respond in a way that is supportive for them at any age and stage.

A Woman's Flow

A powerful audio about a woman's cycle. It is time to reclaim what our cycles and a woman's flow is all about. 

Time to talk about menstruation beyond a curse, an inconvenience of about getting pregnant 

The Basics of Communication

The foundation of every relationship is communication yet there can be many misunderstandings from what was received not being what was intended. 

If we can make appreciation of ourselves our ‘normal’, it will change the communication we have with others on a fundamental level.

Body image, self-esteem & self-worth

This interview talks about body image, eating disorders, disordered eating. You will be inspired to date yourself!

Love feeding you back health and vitality